FRENCH CONNECTION: I’ll remember the Canucks playoff run

FRENCH CONNECTION: I’ll remember the Canucks playoff run

The weather horrors include a typhoon ravaging Japan

My forgettery works very well. Old people do forget things, there is no misinformation about that, but young people aren’t always so hot at remembering things either. With us oldies, the excuse is that we have so many memories our brains don’t have room for more. Don’t know younger people’s excuse, most likely we’re all born with a forgettery along with a memory.


Some news stories take a back seat with the pandemic and so much political blather, but the latest California wildfire hit the headlines. California has had fires for months but the current one comes with a 49C temperature. The extraordinary heat wave is also hitting lower Louisiana and Texas where many residents have no electricity because of Hurricane Laura.

The weather horrors include a typhoon ravaging Japan. Is it just freak weather or signs of climate change?

Extreme weather events were predicted years ago but the scientists of the day had their dates wrong, the changes came slower than they predicted. They’re happening now.

We’ve been relatively lucky, no big wildfires or smoke (yet) but we lost August somewhere. The Farmer”s Almanac is predicting a cold snowy winter. In the good old days, a really bad winter usually followed a summer so rainy ranchers couldn’t put up all the hay they needed.


The Canucks’ elimination from the Stanley Cup playoffs was a downer. Many of us hoped (dreamed) they could go on to the finals. They have nothing to be ashamed of, they gave us good games and hope for the future. And what goaltending by Markstrom and Demko! With the Canadian teams out of the playoffs, I don’t care who wins.


Williams Lake has its first known coronavirus scare. Will it convince more people to social distance and wear masks?

Diana French is a freelance columnist for the Tribune. She is a former Tribune editor, retired teacher, historian and book author.

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