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FRENCH CONNECTION: Hamm, Lucier and Burrill make changes

Pharmacist Cathie Hamm honoured by provincial colleagues with the Bowl of Hygeia Award

There have been some recent changes locally in what we used to call the ‘caring sector.’

Recently retired Williams Lake pharmacist Cathie Hamm has been honoured by her provincial colleagues with the Bowl of Hygeia Award which “recognizes pharmacists who possess outstanding records of civic leadership in their communities.”

This is Cathie’s second award, she received the 2018 Excellence in Patient Care Award from the BC Pharmacy Association, recognizing a B.C pharmacist who has “gone above and beyond for ongoing excellence in patient care.” Cathie was with Kornak and Hamm Pharmacy for 40 years as an employee and later proprietor.

Wayne Lucier isn’t retiring, he’s switching jobs. After 13 years with the CMHA working with the area’s homeless, Wayne will continue to serve the community as a lifeskills trainer at SAGE (Supporting Aboriginal Growth & Empowerment) Trainers. SAGE offers services ranging from workshops, training programs, cultural camps, employment and personal counselling to a diverse range of First Nations communities and organizations. Wayne is well known locally as an entertainer and for his work with the Metis community.

Anne Burrill left us for Kamloops where she is continuing to help people. She has joined the organization Urban Matters as a social health and well-being consultant, working with a team of changemakers focused on influencing complex social issues and create better outcomes in communities. In Williams Lake, Anne worked in the non-profit sector, with local governments and Indigenous organizations, and as an independent consultant. We wish the trio well.


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