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FRENCH CONNECTION: Former WLFN Chief Rick Gilbert respected by all

‘He was my “go to person” when I needed or wanted information’: Diana French

We lost someone special last week with the death of Rick Gilbert. He was liked and respected by all who knew him, and that’s a lot of people. Along with being a leader in the community, he was a genuinely nice and kind man. He was my “go to person” when I needed or wanted information he was always there and he always went that extra mile.

My condolences to his family and the WLFN community. He will be missed.


“We humans are a part of the natural environment, we are not apart from it.” David Suzuki

Some of us believe the world is broken because governments mismanage our affairs. Others agree the world is falling apart but it’s because we mishandle the way we deal with the natural world and the earth can’t stand the abuse any longer.

I’m of the latter persuasion. Governments play a role, but we all do, and regardless of who is right, there is no doubt something is going wrong.

A horrendous storm smacked the Maritime provinces last weekend. In B.C., wildfires are wiping out everything in their way. Floods and drought are plaguing many areas and weird weather is happening all over the world.

The folks in Morocco couldn’t stop the earthquake that destroyed property and took over two thousand lives, but the damage done by disastrous flood in Libya was exacerbated by poor maintenance of two large dams.

Governments didn’t start and couldn’t stop any weather, Mother Nature seems to be on the warpath and we’re losing every battle.

For years scientists have been warning this would happen and why, but few listened. Rather than change our lifestyle to prevent climate change, we believed everything would be OK.

It isn’t.

Now here we are. How will it end?

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