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FRENCH CONNECTION: Fall has arrived, and with it Covid returns

Fall is my favourite season in the Cariboo-Chilcotin
Diana French pens a weekly column for the Williams Lake Tribune. (Monica Lamb-Yorski photo - Williams Lake Tribune)

It’s autumn already and the weather is so far agreeing with the season. The grass is still green but the fall colours are coming. Fall is my favourite season in the Cariboo-Chilcotin.

I arrived here in September, 1951, and fell in love with the wildly-coloured Chilcotin. I wasn’t as impressed with winter when temperatures dipped to -40C, nor with spring, when everything was knee-deep in mud and mosquitoes took over the world.

The only trouble with fall is that winter weather can come any day and it seems this winter we can look forward to another round of COVID-19 in one form or another. We are being warned by the medical folks to get booster shots. Those who believe they have the right not to be vaccinated have started complaining and there are horror stories on Facebook about the dangers of vaccination. I have no idea about the verity of those stories. I do know I had all the shots I could get, and then after the pandemic was supposed to be over, I got a mild case of COVID. I wouldn’t have known I had it except for the test. Five days isolation, and I lost my sense of taste and smell. Will I get the Booster? Yes, and the flu shot.

At their September convention, Union of BC Municipalities delegates voted against calling on the B.C. government to lift COVID-19 vaccination mandates for health-care workers.


A BC United Party MLA and an NDP cabinet minister, both women, have joined forces to stop a Facebook foe who was sending them hate stuff, including death threats. The sender apparently dislikes female politicians. Wouldn’t it be grand if this kind of working together caught on and all opposing MLAs buddied up to resolve contentious issues.