Former Anaham chief lobbied for health facility


Re: article Joe Alphonse re-elected as Anaham chief, Tuesday, Feb. 8 issue of the Tribune.


Re: article Joe Alphonse re-elected as Anaham chief, Tuesday, Feb. 8 issue of the Tribune.

As a former chief prior to Joe Alphonse, I would like to respond to comments made by Alphonse regarding the church and the health-care building.

In the article, Alphonse says the community’s new church and health-care facility occurred during his tenure.

I personally lobbied senior federal health officials since 2008 to acquire funds for the health-care facility and worked on planning duties with the health director Leyal Johnny to submit timely reports in order to qualify for approval and to fast-track existing building plans Health Canada already had.

As for the church, I personally designed it, and Pioneer Log Homes — the lowest bidder — engineered it.

In addition, I dispute Alphonse’s comments that “the community had been in a dark place” and “wasn’t represented the way that members wanted for so long.”

Our chief and council at the time, plus all staff, were very transparent in the positive service delivery along with monthly newsletters going out to the community, and school students sending out notices for important events and meetings.

Since Alphonse has been chief, I feel our membership has been kept in the dark and don’t know what is going on all of the time, as there are no newsletters or updates in any community forum.

I would like to see Alphonse communicate more openly with the Tl’etinqox membership.

Alphonse should also ensure adequate funding for community services, such as the ice rink, so they can be maintained for the benefit of the community over the long term.

I also strongly believe in our inherit traditional hereditary chief Ray Bob from the Bob family of Tl’etinqox because he is the true authority over people, land, and its resources.

Please, no offence is intended to anybody. I just want to forward this information with truth so we can all co-exist under Creator as our Father’s family as one.

Stay real forever.

Gerald Johnny