Follow example, put the past behind us


Thanks to all for taking the time to read what I record as my opinion on a host of subjects.



Thanks to all for taking the time to read what I record as my opinion on a host of subjects. In the narrow interpretation of being narcissistic, in love with one’s self, don’t tell my wife of 54 years. I guess I have had her fooled these many years.

Can a child born at the peak of Canada’s economic depression, a time when every rural family was virtually destitute, have no understanding regarding poverty?

Can a child born of that same period not know about diseases, prior to government immunization programs?

Can a person who found his first employment on a dairy as a nine-year old not know something of young people’s desire to earn money to purchase the things of their peers?

Later can this same child of 14, having started his own car wash business where he employed fellow children, not know something of other children’s wants?

Can a child, who was picked up and taken to an isolated country road and sexually molested and somehow survived, not have some empathy for children in environments that they have no control over?

Child abuse wasn’t known in my childhood. It was just everyday acceptable at home and school sometimes, a rather cruel punishment.

Can a person who formed his own profitable enterprise as a 20-year old not know something about motivation, enterprise, and creating employment opportunities for others?

Can a person who has had to deal with a government that arbitrarily took land away from him and paid a pittance for that land not know a little something about how government sometimes unfairly works?

Can a person who has had to fight with a large B.C. corporation to remove infrastructure off his property so that the property could be developed not know a little something of how some large corporations also at times work?

Can a person who has spent years as a service provider working with many native populations on the Central Coast, Chilcotin, and Cariboo not have learned something of the life, times and economy within these communities?

With no political affiliations, I am a dedicated free enterpriser, a visionary. Enough with the bafflegab and living in the past.

Follow Rick Hansen’s example and put the past behind us. Pick up the tools. The world is waiting for the changes we, too, can make.

Doug Wilson

Williams Lake