Everyone can help stop moose poaching in South Chilcotin

Everyone can help stop moose poaching in South Chilcotin, says Charlie Simmons Sr.


On Oct. 9 I read the story in the Tribune/Advisor on the moose hunting ban in the South Chilcotin.

Now I see Stone Chief Russell Myers Ross has advised his people to shoot only bull moose.

A few years ago I had a friend who was grading roads in the winter logging area.

It was in to the moose winter feed grounds and before spring came all the moose there had been shot.

Most had only the hind quarter gone.

You have to know the cow moose would most likely have calfs in the spring.

What a waste and a slaughter.

We all have to try to stop poaching.

When I go hunting for buck deer only, I chase away all the moose I see.

Charlie Simmons Sr.

Williams Lake