Environmental stakes continue to be high

An open letter to the Hon. Minister Leona Aglukkaq regarding climate change science and Taseko.


An open letter to the Hon. Minister Leona Aglukkaq regarding climate change science and Taseko.

Will an unlimited global growth economy of high fossil-fuel consumption destroy all human civilization? Will wealth powered elite survive as they feel superiorly entitled?

Exclusively focused on suicidal private global corporate profit, unrestrained wealth for the wealthiest corporations in the history of mankind amasses enormous/colossal private power.  Unregulated for/against global common good?

An unscientific unlimited growth economy prejudicially elite? Fossil-fuels and gold are worshipped sacred golden cows. Liars who proclaim lies truth and truth lies, woe.  All who believe lies truth and truth lies, woe. Is Taseko exceptional?

Science hoaxing the world?  Responsible democratic participants will decide whether impartial science is true or not.

Impartial science and technology exists, sufficient for sustaining a low-carbon zero-growth economy benefitting all … creating and preserving a socially just global civilization.  Humans have ingenuity for making change globally … making prosperity for all. Scientific truth tells us we are capable.

Within 10 years, marketing high fossil-fuel consumption will lead to irreversible runaway global warming within this century. Global warming climate change is a consequence of our unlimited growth and continual high consumption of fossil-fuels (97 per cent scientific consensus).

Ecocide/biocide golden genocide?

We have sown the seeds of our destruction unjustly. Can we still justly share the whole world for the benefit of all? Inconceivable?  Beyond imagination?

Eighty percent of 20 to 29 trillion dollars in proven fossil-fuel reserves must stay in the ground if irreversible runaway global warming is to be stopped. Gold also.  The stakes are high.  Opposing views are deliberately determined.

Is there democratic will to support social equality for all who would lose dire degrading poverty … lose elite fossil-fueled dependent livelihoods based on undemocratic superior/inferior status?

Beyond hopeful science saying we do and dismal elite-classical economists saying we don’t…evolutionary democracy can help all survive.

Respectfully, democratic voting participants will decide these truths or lies.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake