Employment Insurance is just another bad tax


People buy insurance to protect themselves when things are not good or get worse.


People buy insurance to protect themselves when things are not good or get worse.

You pay premiums to protect yourself. But alas, all insurance programs and companies care little of what you need. That’s why you always need a lawyer to fight them for payment on a policy you paid for.

Take, for example, E.I. Canada. There are many reasons to quit a job. For example, your work environment can be bad for many reasons. You could have problems with your boss, working conditions could be poor, you could have to move because of economic reasons.

You pay for insurance to cover all of these dilemmas that crop up in your life.

Now, as most people see it, if you paid your premiums in full, you are entitled to your claim filed at E.I. Canada.

But at E.I. Canada, they don’t care if you quit your job and move to get out of an abusive and violent relationship.

Their concern is only how many billions of dollars they can take from the workers. E.I. paying people are paying for nothing.

It’s just another tax on the back of working Canadians.

If it were really an employment insurance program, you would be able to collect on it.

After all, you did pay your premiums.

When you can not get money from E.I. Canada that you paid into, that’s just another tax which does nothing for you because the government took the money, spent it on who-knows-what, and delivered nothing in return for your premiums.

The hurdles you have to jump through to get any money back from E.I. Canada funds is set up like a casino. They win, you lose. The House always wins.

You get nothing for your premiums or from your tax dollars. When Canadians as a whole accept this as a normal way of conducting business, the government knows its pensions and paycheques are safe because a good Canadian knows how to just take it.

Mike Orr

Riske Creek