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Election predictions realized following Saturday's results

Columnist Ken Wilson says his election predictions were realized.

One week ago today civic election candidates were a little nervous with only one day left before the election. Now it’s over, there are no trepidation trembles.

Many were not surprised at the final results of the mayoralty race, although many I talked with just days before the election said it would be a race between Surinderpal Rathor and Walt Cobb.

The results were tabulated on the computer and we didn’t have to wait long to find out who were the winners.

In some ways the old ballot box by ballot box counting was slow but it did create some interesting emotions on election night as the contestants had some cheering and let downs along the way to the final results.

I was at Walt Cobb’s store awaiting the results with folks who had worked on his campaign or were strong supporters.

At one point Walt disappeared into one of the old change booths in the former men’s store to take a call where it would be quiet ... after all it was the Tribune calling.

Seconds later Walt bounded out of the booth, jumped into the air with his arms above his head, yelling: “We won, we won, we won.”

I have worked with Walt on all his campaigns since his previous mayor days and I have seen the many ups and some downs associated with his political career but I have never seen him so incredibly happy about a victory.

Wished we could have recorded that moment.

Ivan Bonnell came over to Walt’s celebration and there was some interesting discussions regarding the outcome of the election.

When Walt was mayor previously in the horse and buggy age, Ivan and Scott Nelson were on his council.

Congratulations to Walt on his victory and kudos to Kerry Cook for running a third time for mayor and her hard work and dedication to the city during her term.

Also of course thanks to Surinderpal for his 21 years of being elected to city council. He worked very hard in his position for a long time.

Walt didn’t waste much time getting back into the political machinations at city hall and said he will meet with each councillor prior to setting out the portfolio for each of them.

Swearing in for the new council will be on Dec 2.

Well done also to those neophyte politicians elected to council for the first time. Jason Ryll Chamber of Commerce past president along with businessman Craig Smith, came just behind Scott Nelson who topped the councillor polls as I had predicted prior to the election.

A big thanks to everyone who ran for mayor, council, regional district and school board. Way to go Steve Forseth on your regional district win.

A round of applause for everyone who got out to vote and for those of you who couldn’t find the time to exercise your democratic right ... a big hiss boo.

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Weekend Advisor.