Hand washing (Shutterstock)

Hand washing (Shutterstock)

EDITORIAL: The new normal

As COVID-19 cancellations ramp up, we must all come together to make them worth it

The term ‘cancel culture’ has certainly taken on a new meaning this week as fears of the spread of COVID-19 shut down the mightiest of national events to small-town fundraisers and everything in between.

It’s hard to believe that just a week ago people were still watching NBA and NHL games and planning their trips to music festivals around the world. Yet, with the news that COVID-19 would not simply “miraculously go away” by April, as U.S. President Donald Trump suggested, all at once the dominoes of cancellation fell with a vengeance.

In fact, they continue to topple as of this writing both internationally and locally.

Just on Tuesday, B.C. announced the indefinite suspension of schools while, in Williams Lake, businesses of all kinds are closing their doors, like Paradise Cinemas, in an effort to stop the spread of this pandemic. As we’ve already seen, however, even our highest office is not immune to COVID-19 as evidenced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s self isolation following his wife testing positive for the virus.

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Now we must all now come together, in spirit, to ensure all these closures are not in vain. Washing our hands, avoiding the impulse to panic buy toilet paper and most importantly social distancing are our only defence, currently, against the spread of COVID-19.

This virus is not as deadly as the Spanish Influenza, however, it can be spread asymptomatically, meaning without symptoms, which is why it has brought countries like Italy to its knees.

If we wish to protect our most vulnerable citizens we must all stay informed, stay safe and perhaps most importantly stay positive.

Panic can be just as dangerous as the virus and it’s worth remembering the cancellation of your favourite event isn’t the end of the world.

– Williams Lake Tribune