A body is recovered from the Fraser River near the Sheep Creek Bridge Wednesday, Aug. 28. Monica Lamb-Yorski photo

A body is recovered from the Fraser River near the Sheep Creek Bridge Wednesday, Aug. 28. Monica Lamb-Yorski photo

EDITORIAL: Judicial reform needed

Families and communities deserve more than a revolving door

The scene at the Sheep Creek Bridge where a body was recovered last week hits home the devastating impacts criminal activities are having in our communities. Lives are being lost, families are grieving and our communities are suffering.

A fisherman discovered the body last Wednesday and an autopsy this week will determine if it is that of missing man Branton Regner, who hasn’t been seen since an incident at the Rudy Johnson Bridge Aug. 9. Two suspects have been charged with two counts of attempted murder and kidnapping in relation to that police investigation and there could be more charges if that body is Regner.

Charges have yet to be laid in the Aug. 6 homicide of Richard ‘Savage’ Duncan, but the two violent cases are believed to be connected.

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This past week citizens in Quesnel held a rally to bring attention to the ongoing criminal activities in their once-quiet community while residents at Lac la Hache held a similar meeting with CRD representatives and the RCMP due to safety concerns beside their small elementary school.

In McLeese Lake Friday, Williams Lake RCMP discovered a substantial amount of stolen items, arrested four suspects and executed a search warrant for a property along Lagerquist Road.

This search recovered eight recreational vehicles, including a side by side, multiple ATV’s and two motorcycles. Police said several of the ATV’s have been determined to be originally from outside the Williams Lake region.

Residents in the area took to their local Facebook page, venting their frustration and even conversing with a person they believed was a suspect, to the point where the original post was removed due to threats of violence.

McLeese Lake residents were planning on hosting a meeting this week to look at ways to better protect their community from the ongoing criminal activity.

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With Williams Lake’s crime more deadly than ever, it’s not realistic to expect witnesses to come forward, especially when they don’t feel protected or even heard by a justice system that is broken.

We need a complete overhaul of our court system and until that happens, we are all risk of becoming victims in one form or another by system that rarely works.

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