Dust and smoke need to end

Dick and Nola Poole, in their letter to the editor, say they are concerned about the blue haze that hovers around the pellet plant.


We are appalled and disgusted that there has not been anything done about the  smoke spewing over our beloved valley.

The filthy dust and constant residue on the streets all around the pellet plant is very concerning, particularly on a windy day.

Driving into Williams Lake from the south, there is always a blue haze over the city and the surrounding hills. What kind of first impression does it give to our visitors?

We don’t understand why there has not been more protests from the citizens of Williams Lake.

It is time that our city council stood up and stopped this mess. That is what they are there for, to look after our health and well being.

The pellet plant is the worst offender and should be made to clean up its plant or move it further out of town or close.

Nobody seems to want to take the initiative to get rid of this problem.


Dick and Nola Poole

Williams Lake