Don’t be afraid of change

Ninth Avenue resident Mary Telfer says Carson needs to lose the light.


Re: Carson/Johnson

I  live on Ninth.  Yes, Carson needs to lose the light.

People, don’t be so afraid of a little change in your life.

Every day all winter I watch as trucks blare their horns and blow through the lights on 97 at Carson because if they stop they won’t get going again.

The grade is too steep for modern trucking flow.

If they move the light to Toop, level off the grade and have a safer traffic flow, I believe it will save lives and is a win, win situation.

Do you few people, bemoaning a vew more vehicles on our (not your) Johnson want to be responsible for a major traffic accident?   The Province is actually trying to avoid a known problem.

Quit crying about the conjestion on Johnson.

It is already there and the city is trying to fix the situation.

You have two sidewalks and parking.

I have no sidewalks and no parking and pay the same taxes.  Embrace the changes.

We will all be safer with the outcome.

Mary Telfer

Williams Lake