Does Kyoto decision make you proud or ashamed?


Cheer? First in the world! Gut punched them?


Cheer? First in the world! Gut punched them? Canada is factually and tactically the first nation in the world to “legally” withdraw from the Kyoto climate protocols.

Have you any mental position or moral feeling regarding this act at all? Proud to be a Canadian? Any profound shame?

Stephen Harper, Peter Kent, Joe Oliver, and their supporters like the provinces, municipal governments, local businessmen … especially the “business as usual” associations like the “Canadian” petroleum and energy producers, follow the claim that there is no “credible” scientific evidence that developing Canada’s vast bitumen deposits in the tar sands. … unchecked corporate coal and natural gas extraction developments … the pipelines and shipping lanes to world markets … can remotely be responsible for adding to the global climate greenhouse gases.

There is no debate.  So says our government. They say no. They say so. Unquestioned economic development is first and foremost … “progress” for Canada. Dismiss all dubious discounted climate science.

Our patriotic stand? As long as the Harper government is democratically “mandated” by the Canadian people, there will be no credible international or domestic threat to the economic future of these “Canadian” industries that our nation will stand by.

Canadian sovereignty is primal. Honour to be upheld … protected by all true patriotic Canadians … whether everyone/anyone agrees or not … with Canada’s unabated fossil fuel development and production.

This government wants/needs “true believer” patriots.

We soothe our collective consciences. We claim environmental friendliness beyond dispute … green both locally and globally … and we claim responsibility to all mankind. We believe this is not sociopathic wealth.

Cheer … as Harper/Kent clearly flips the whole world the great Canadian bird … happy for Canada. From the world … a nasty jeer.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake