Dear Santa …

Dear Santa:

It was nice to see you pop by so many community events in Williams Lake this season.

Dear Santa:

It was nice to see you pop by so many community events in Williams Lake this season and visit with the many good boys and girls to hear what they would like for Christmas.

We have a few items on our list, too, that we hope you would give some consideration this year.

Some of our wishes remain the same as last year: that those responsible for the deaths of Peter Schnellhardt and Gerald Supernault are brought to justice, and that what happened to Tyler Walton will finally be known.

We are thankful that those who have jobs have jobs, but there are also many others who are in search of work and continue to struggle to feed their families.

Please, Santa, can you help?

We are very grateful that the wonderful people of Williams Lake and the Cariboo-Chilcotin have continued to offer their assistance to those in need, whether it be supporting the Salvation Army Food Bank, helping others learn to read and write, or by simply being kind and holding the door open for another. The people in this community are a special, warm-hearted bunch.

We would love to see the forest industry pick up and keep our neighbours and loved ones employed, and we would love to see other projects get started and employ others who are out of work.

Please help our new city council, Cariboo Regional District board, and the board of education come up with efficient, wise, and progressive solutions to the problems they face and will face over the next year.

Please also be good to the many volunteers in our community, because without them, many more people would be without.

There are many, many groups and individuals who deserve something extra special this year — we know who they are and we are sure you do too.

Thank you, Santa. We hope you enjoy your cookies. Have a very Merry Christmas.