Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons

Cow Moose Project gaining momentum

A community project to bring awareness to the plight of the area cow moose population is gaining momentum.

What started out as just a hope that the community might support a few signs hung in their windows bringing awareness to the plight of the area cow moose population has really gathered steam in recent weeks.

Outdoorsman Dan Simmons initiated the Cow Moose Project last November after being tired of just watching the moose population in Region 5 steadily decline in recent years.

The reduction of the moose hasn’t been a secret. In fact, hunter accounts and provincial government surveys have pointed out the problem, but it seems no one has been willing to take the conversation public — until now that is.

It’s fair to say Simmons’ project hasn’t just been accepted, it’s been embraced.

So far, as many as 60 18-inch by 30-inch signs depicting a snow sprinkled doe-eyed moose with the caption “Please respect the Cow Moose” have been purchased at cost by supporters.

Now even larger signs are in works.

Simmons said one, four-foot by eight-foot sign will be erected in Horsefly soon, while another even larger billboard is going up at Marshall’s Store at 150 Mile House sponsored by Pioneer Log Homes.

The grassroots campaign is growing so fast that already another nine four-by-eight signs are in the works.

Simmons said he’s thrilled with the positive feedback he’s received and believes the awareness campaign has already made a difference.

“I think it can’t help but not help,” Simmons said.

Next up for Simmons is eying the soon-to-be-released hunting synopsis.

Last year a Limited Entry Hunt allowed for four cow moose tags in Region 5.

Simmons believes that is four tags too many.

And he’s right.

We need to set an example that cow moose should be protected.