Contemplating the impact of using up fossil fuel reserves

Could civilization collapse...with “unquestioned” use of fossil fuels as its base?


Could civilization collapse…with “unquestioned” use of fossil fuels as its base?

A one per cent human growth from today’s seven billion could see eight billion by 2030.

If “still”… mostly dependent on 18 years of “increasing” fossil fuel burning(?) … could civilization be “collapsing” from irreversible global warming?  Could nine billion people through 28 years … be burning fossil fuels by 2040?

Is 10.25 billion possible by 2050 … 38 years from now?

What is earth’s carrying capacity for human growth … burning fossil fuels?

“Irreversible” global warming could end civilization. Seven of the top 10 global($) corporations are oil corporations.

They have $trillions(29+?) in “proven” reserves. They continue(?) “exploration” … subsidized (?) … to expand their reserves … for “unconventional” oil … extracting … refining … burning … to make more “money.”

“We”… measured by money?  “Wealth?”

Or … “We” … can establish a sustainable “civilized” democratic society … which mitigates global warming from fossil fuels.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) was/is a consequence of humanity’s search for social peace and justice … for everyone…everywhere. It recognizes faith in the human rights…the value … the personal dignity of “each” human being…as social equals.

Recognition of fundamental universal human rights … means … we can “value” each other as social equals … solve our problems on the basis of mutual respect.

Might/wars for anti-social/economic/political “superiority” are a competitive “dead end” for “civilized” human life … as is competitive global “free (?)” trade.

Enough nuclear warheads with capable delivery systems to destroy “every” human being “ten” times over … were built.  Robert McNamara (Essence of Security–Mutually Assured Destruction–MAD) witnessed the “brink” five times during his watch (US Secretary of Defense).

“Elitism”… is still “blind” to ramifications of pathological destruction.

Still violating “universal” human rights … still destroying environment for “uncommon” purposes … still extracting “prosperity”… for the wealthy few.

“We may have democracy or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”  (Louis D. Brandeis — advisor to Woodrow Wilson — WWI).

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake