Consider the future for all humanity


A sustainable civilization could be nonsense … for many … laughable.


For decent, equitable living for all nine billion people by 2050, a sustainable civilization could be nonsense … for many … laughable.

For all humanity, laughable nonsense will be tragic.

Our current political economy, based on selfish anti-social inequality … based on destroying nature’s biosphere and public trust, would appear to justify that our humanitarian dream will never become reality.

Minions supporting dominions has been tragic for humanity … especially for the last 200 years.  Millions of human beings unjustly deprived of their human dignity is a sad price to pay for …, etc.

Would all nine billion of us living decent lives by 2050 be reasonable? Would nine billion by 2030 be too much for our imagination? Imagine the elite top one per cent … or the ultra-elite top 10th of one per cent ever seeing themselves as socially equal to the rest of our human family.

We change our current economic/political worship of dog eat dog, anti-social rushing madness for acquiring personal wealth and superior status or … we make the future of social equality humanly impossible. Only a safe community of social equals can build a real democracy.

Is the vision of democratic evolutionary social equality … peace, harmony, social justice, sustainability, stability for all our children and our children’s children for at least another 1,000 future years? For the first time in human history, could democratic sustainability be fully realized?

The end of this generation will show what future our children and grandchildren will face at the end of this century. It could be wars … humans fighting humans for depleted/diminishing resources… mass climate refugees from hostile climates… further destruction of habitat and biosphere… decimations of species… food scarcity… the loss of human civilization.

We know which choices our current economists and politicians are making… even in our own local community. Will you follow them?

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake