Columns: Will be interesting to see which way political ship steers

The Federal NDP party is in disarray. They ousted Tom Mulcair, who just seven months ago, was riding on the high wave.

The Federal NDP party is in disarray.

They ousted Tom Mulcair, who just seven months ago was riding on the high wave of popularity and his party was doing well in the polls.

The only problem is he went after Harper instead of Trudeau.

And he endorsed the Leap Manifesto, not the right thing to do in Alberta. After all, that document only wants renewable energy — nothing to do with gas, oil and pipelines.

The Leap program does not list a timeline to stop using non-renewable sources, and it asks the government to immediately stop funding new projects for those energy sources, such as building pipelines and new fracking sites.

The NDP convention in Edmonton was perhaps the wrong place to suggest we don’t need oil wells or gas.

Those kind of proposals are like jumping out of the political window.

The NDP Premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley, supports a pipe line across the country,

The federal NDP party is looking for a new direction and a new leader.

Will the party go further left or try to stay close to the middle, in the political scheme of things.

The NDP leader in Saskatchewan resigned this week after his party did not do well in the election that saw Brad Wall get back into the driver’s seat in the Prairie province.

How will this NDP malaise help the provincial party here in B.C.?

I don’t think it will help them much as they are preparing for an election next year.

I suspect Premier Christy Clark will be happy about the NDP problems.

Tom Mulcair worked hard for the NDP party and getting dumped was his reward.

It will be interesting to see how all of this unfolds for the NDP and who will be their next leader.

The Conservatives are also looking for a new person at the helm as their ship steered into rough waters during the last election.

It will be an interesting political time in Canada over the next few years!

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Weekend Advisor.