Columns: Choose wisely

Terry Milewski, a long time reporter/commentator for CBC, is retiring.

Terry Milewski, a long time reporter/commentator for CBC, is retiring. Some of you might remember that Terry was with CKWL in Williams Lake in the 1970s. I was a fan then, still am.


Like a number of hockey fans, I wasn’t too impressed with the Canadian/Europe match. I stopped watching the second game when it was 1-0 for the Euros, and missed the good part when the Canadians woke up and won.


Relatives in Fort St. John report the snowfall this last weekend raised havoc in their back yard. The trees were still in leaf, and the heavy wet snow was too much for them, breaking branches and even toppling some.


The Royal tour was fun and an added bonus was that it took some media attention off the U.S. presidential election which has degenerated into a slanging match.


Canadian voters had a number of choices last year, and in their desire to “get rid” of Mr. Harper, some people voted against the Conservatives, not necessarily “for” the Liberals. It kind of worked, but by the next election we’re supposed to have a better electoral system than our current one.

As we are finding out, a middle-of-the-road party, once elected, can jump either way. The federal Liberal government’s approval of the Pacific North West LNG plans came as a surprise to many who thought, judging from his comments before his election, that Prime Minister Trudeau was at best barely lukewarm to this project. The U.S. elections are a different matter. The presidential candidate with the most people votes isn’t always the winner. George Bush won over Al Gore although Mr. Gore got the most votes. The result had global consequences. Mr. Bush started the Iraq war which has resulted in turmoil in the Middle East, everlasting conflicts and global terrorism. This time around, pundits say the presidential race is a contest between which one voters dislike the least, Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump, and except for party die-hards, it’s a matter of voting for the best of a poor lot.

One thing we can say is that our leader is younger and much better looking than either Hillary or Donald.

Diana French is a freelance columnist,  former Tribune editor, retired teacher, historian, and book author.