COLUMN: Flawed logic puts moose population at risk

Close to 4,000 signatures and counting have been added to petitions

The NDP’s proposal to increase the hunt of cow and calf moose has been met with frustration and outrage from communities, councils, hunters, conservationists, and First Nations throughout the province.

Close to 4,000 signatures and counting have been added to petitions calling on the NDP to stop their plans to open up the hunt.

There are serious concerns over the decline and recovery of moose populations and the long-term effects for future generations who rely on healthy, balanced ecosystems for their livelihood.

The culling of cow and calf moose is rationalized by the NDP as a means to increase caribou populations in key regions of the province. They claim that by increasing the hunt on cow and calf moose, which are preyed on by wolves, there will be less wolves attracted to the region to prey on caribou.

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However, this rationale has sparked backlash from those who feel that this experimental approach could result in devastation for an already vulnerable population. Many experts feel that flawed logic is guiding the government’s decision making and that little consideration has been given to rural communities.

Local communities know best when it comes to wildlife management in their own backyards with many tracking these populations for generations. Their voice should be at the table when considering sustainable and effective wildlife management if we wish to ensure healthy populations for years to come.

The province has the responsibility to listen to the communities who are being impacted by this decision rather than letting a select few from limited regions speak on behalf of the entire province.

If you would like to add your voice to the thousands standing up to demand corrective action, please sign the BC Liberal Caucus petition found on our Facebook page.

Donna Barnett is the Liberal MLA for the Cariboo-Chilcotin.

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