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COLUMN: Beckham docuseries reminds us we are all better when we work as a team

While it may not have been the focus, teamwork shines in Netflix documentary
David Beckham, left, and Victoria Beckham pose for photographers upon arrival at the premiere of the television programme ‘Beckham’ on Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023 in London. (AP Photo/Vianney Le Caer)

It can feel at times, as though the entire world is divided, as though a mentality of “us” and “them” has spread across the globe.

But then a series comes along, and it gives you some hope — or at least a view of the brighter side of human nature.

Interestingly, while not a fan of football (soccer), celebrities, or reality television, the Netflix documentary series Beckham, which covers the career and life of soccer superstar David Beckham, still inspired.

Though the story is tailored to bolster the legend, being unfamiliar with the story, it was interesting to follow such a dramatic couple, as David Beckham and Victoria Beckham navigated their uber-famous lives. But more so, it was a true testament to the power of teamwork.

Beautiful bonds were formed, despite challenges and conflict, and in the end, Beckham and his teammates seemed to come together to rise above as a team every time.

Throughout his career, Beckham was a superstar with such international celebrity, yet he still appeared to put his team first. We may not know the full backstory, but his teammates seemed to admire and appreciate him.

There were so many dramatic and stunning plays, which over his entire career, created a pretty impressive series of stunning kicks and impossible goals.

One conflict, which took place when Beckham had moved to Los Angeles to play for what would have been a massive step down for him in terms of the level of competition, showed a very public media dispute arising between Beckham and his teammate Landon Donovan.

Donovan called Beckham out publicly for being “unprofessional” and it became a very big rift between the players at the time, according to the documentary.

But the two got together, and talked it over. Donovan apologized to Beckham for making his frustrations public and Beckham accepted the apology and the two moved on.

The team then went on to win the MLS Cup, the championship of North American soccer.

But the docuseries was a fun ride. While Beckham may have many more flaws than he revealed, just like the rest of us, we saw how much better he was when he worked together to also use his skills and talent to bring those around him up with him.

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