Child faces three years of chemo, medication



In response to your article regarding Brinley (Grisdale) Pawluk’s fight with leukemia, I would like to elaborate on what this family is going through.

Brinley may be in remission, but this doesn’t mean she is back to normal or anywhere near it. She is now facing a three-year regimen of not just chemo, but many other medications and procedures as well.

How can you explain to a little girl that she now has to get sicker before she can get better, after having had her first rounds with chemo?

How do you explain just how long three years is to a four-year-old child? 

I have read the blog that Brinley’s mom Morgan has written, and it had me scrambling for the Kleenex.

This little girl is being so brave. I can’t imagine how hard it is for Morgan to hear her child screaming for more food when she can’t give her anymore or her tummy will burst (the steroids make her crave food).

Brinley is also experiencing mood swings and doesn’t understand why this is happening. I can’t fathom how the family cope with daily life as well, with the dad having to get work, and five-year-old Carter also needing his hugs, some attention and rides to school.

There is also a strict protocol at home, with chemo being administered, food, garbage, etc. having to go in special HAZMAT bags. All the different medications and supplies have to be accounted for and administered.

On top of this, there are frightening extra costs. One $200 vial of meds not covered by insurance lasts only 10 days. Although Morgan and Blake can’t say enough about the hospital care, once outside those walls, it is a very scary world for young parents with a sick child.

I would ask that if you have time, go to Morgan’s blog at and read her family’s journey, starting at “in the beginning ….”

After reading Morgan’s blog, if you too would like to help — family and friends have set up an account at TD Canada Trust in the name of Ron and Angie Grisdale “in trust” for Brinley Pawluk. The account number is 09346341796.  Thank you.

Pauline Huska

Williams Lake