Capitalism evolution concerning

We belong to 300,000 years of human development on this planet. Now capitalism endangers this magnificent wonder.


We belong to 300,000 years of human development on this planet.  Now capitalism irredeemably, irreversibly, endangers this magnificent wonder.

Capitalism degrades the biosphere that sustains us.

Seventeen  transforming United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) achieved by 2030 concerns you.

These issues belong to our human family.

A war for survival rages between fossil-fuel capitalism and human development.

Capitalism will transform or future human development will end tragically.

Critical choices, stunning efforts may achieve sustainable human development by 2030.

Our democracy, our rights, our human family are on trial.

The gravest violation of human rights marginalizes our right to know SDG’s. Our ignorance favours capitalism.

Selfishness rules capitalism.  What could go wrong?  Selfishness serves the common good with guidance of the “free” market and the “invisible hand” is a lie.

The “Golden Bull” of Wall Street reigns above science.

The bastion of capitalism owns the world’s mightiest military-industrial complex.

Capitalist America can destroy everyone 10 times over within 30 minutes; five times over with proven fossil-fuel reserves.  One trillion dollars to refine nuclear war capability through 2080?

The president always carries this “biscuit” threat in his pocket with first strike preemptive “authority,” even while Obama paid respect in Hiroshima.

“Authority” runs on oil degrading the climate of the biosphere.

One tenth of one percent of Americans now own more wealth and income than 90 per cent of Americans.  Sixty-four people now own more wealth and income than 3.5 billion people.  Capitalists attempt to dominate the world.

Capitalists degrade the biosphere to the edge of human extinction.

Capitalists externalize degradation.  Capitalism leads.  Canada follows.  Selfishness is not sustainable.

Can selfishness be shepherded with mindful guarding or is shepherding selfishness a “fool’s errand?”

Fossil-fueled selfishness denies climate science.  Capitalists’ selfishness cannot be resolved today with good outcome for human development.

Shut down selfishness.  Democratic strength expands human rights.  What you believe about the 17 UN SDGs matters.  Extend future human development.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake