Canada’s GHG blueprint will guarantee global warming

Fortune “2014?” Prelude to “profound” human tragedy? Great tragedies are outcomes that could have been good.


Fortune “2014?” Prelude to “profound” human tragedy? Great tragedies are outcomes that could have been good.

Premiers meet next summer to solidify Canada’s National Energy Strategy reflecting expansion … “doubling (plus)” of fossil-fuel sales to Asian buyers.

Canada has “dirty” tar-sand bitumen, natural “shale” gas, and coal.  Our Premiers cater to “powerful” CAPP and “lobbyists” for selling GHG emitting oil, gas, and coal.

“Melting” Arctic releases powerful methane GHG.  Notice clear and present dangers of climate change now!  Premiers harmfully marginalize “dangers” of selling Canada’s GHGs. Our lives are inescapably affected by this life or death “omission(?)” of global warming.

We “die” under sociopathic conditions.  “It’s OK to take anyone’s life for any reason … for a sociopath.”

With global warming, river temperatures will not remain below 22C for the life of salmon for long.  “Fisheries” are concerned about 21C river temperature for B.C.’s sockeye salmon run now.  Are you?  Native cultures are endangered by this “all encompassing” tragedy.  Poachers “get” while getting is still possible … until it’s gone. The poacher’s “attitude.”

Harper’s one “attitude,” one energy, one assessment promotes … idealizes Canada’s GHG industry.  Withdrawal from Kyoto Protocols, degrading Federal assessments of social/environmental standards with Schedule 2, C-38, and C-45 … prorogating democratic parliament (four times!)?  Economic “power” mattering most over adverse social/environmental effects is inconsistent with human survival.

“2001-2012,” the warmest decade on record, brought inexcusable/unaffordable global extreme weather harm/damages. “2013-2024” promises clear and future dangers…unacceptable extremes.  “2030-2040?”  “2040-2050?”

Don’t ignore a “2014” prelude to profound human tragedy. Democracy has been hi-jacked by “powerful” lobbyists.  Urgency is “now,” before the summer of “2014.”

Canada’s “2014” pathological GHG blueprint will “guarantee” irreversible global warming and perilous climate changes overwhelming public “safety” by 2030. It’s up to us to “secure” life supporting global temperatures with a blueprint for a clean energy economy now.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake