Canada needs to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions

The elite seek to maximize global consumption of Canadian fossil-fuels.


The elite seek to maximize global consumption of Canadian fossil-fuels.  They have no interest/concern in helping cut global GHG production by 12 per cent in 2020.

Brian Mulroney (Canada 2020 4/8/14) wants it prioritized … fossil-fuel energy development.  He wants a Resource Development Office with special powers to streamline regulatory reviews for oil, gas and mineral development.

Fast-tracking resource extraction or building pipelines for maximized global Canadian fossil-fuel consumption helps global temperatures pass 2C.  It helps triple Canada’s tar-sand industry.  Global carbon output will not fall with elite-ruled summons/support for Canada’s energy policy based on maximizing fossil-fuel production for global consumption.

Current and future temperatures of .8C to 1C are unacceptably dangerous.

Without a global agreement, 3C to 4C (or higher) will likely be the irreversible predicament/legacy for future generations.  Very likely, 2015 will be the last chance to stay below 2C.

Canada’s help is needed for global common goals of reducing/binding global consumption of fossil-fuels by 2020.

Global GHGs must be cut — beginning by 12 percent in 2020 to escape global temperatures going past 2C.  194 envoys will meet for this challenging crucial global climate summit in Paris 2015.

Canada’s policy makers won’t plan for what the world needs now, never by 2020, in view of IPCC’s latest report to the world (3/31/14).

Virtually certain children are inhumanly trapped by Canada’s twisted policy, herded into an inescapable hotter life-sacrificing dangerous planet.

Canada’s resources bubble blocks global climate agreement.

Canada urgently needs a 2014 National Non-Carbon Energy Plan, with secure, decent living-wage jobs aimed at universal human well-being, aimed at stopping global temperatures from rising past 2C.

With duly recognized universal democratic human rights, common people can plan their children’s, grandchildren’s, great-grandchildren’s essential/sustainable climate future with appropriate/relevant/impartial scientific climate knowledge, with crucial/indispensable personal and collective democratic participation — planned while we still can.

Fulfilling humanity’s common dreams, common people can democratically evolve, except for the privileged-elite.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake