Bullying hurts people in many ways

Editor: Bullying comes in lots of different ways, like cyber and verbal.

Editor: Bullying comes in lots of different ways, like cyber and verbal.

Bullying can hurt others in all kinds of ways, makes them stress and lose focus and makes others upset.

Bullying hurts people in many ways. It makes the people scared and lose focus on schooling and work. Bullying affects friends and families because they’re scared that something bigger might start. Then they will stress because their friend or family member is getting bullied.

Being a bully can turn into something bigger or can be stopped. Being a bully is not a good thing because you scare others and give yourself a bad reputation.

Bullying is never good because you can hurt others. When bullying is happening, you should stand up for the person getting bullied and go tell an adult before it gets bigger.

Name withheld by request

Editor’s note: This letter was written by a participant of the Restorative Justice program. The writer’s name has been withheld because it is a condition of writing and publishing the letter.

The Tribune doesn’t typically run unsigned letters to the editor but makes a special exception for the program.