Brinley faces leukemia with courage



Re: Child battles leukemia; family seeks help, Thursday, Jan. 13 Tribune.

First to clarify, Ron and I do not find it “incomprehensible” that our granddaughter should have to suffer. We do feel it does not seem fair that any child should have to suffer.

I was dismayed to see the article was presented as a plea for funds.

The story I originally submitted was in response to so many people asking what they could do to help and was also our way of notifying our friends.

This devastating illness is hard to accept, the treatment and procedures involved are beyond anything we could imagine.

Brinley has had IVs, MRIs, IVAD installed, spinal taps, bone-marrow aspirations, weekly lumbar punctures, a blood transfusion, weekly and daily chemo treatments, and to counteract the chemo, Brinley has taken an unbelievable amount of other medications so organs such as the kidneys, liver, or muscles are not damaged.

“The Amazing Brin” has faced these challenges with bravery and courage! Yet, does not understand the very medicine she is taking to get better causes her migraines, vomiting, and muscle weakness. All the pain she is suffering is necessary, just to survive, just to be alive!

Morgan and her family have had to make many changes and adjustments to their daily lives. The fun-filled simpler days of yesterday are gone and, out of necessity, have been replaced with days spent in waiting rooms, consultations with doctors, days spent driving to and from the hospital for treatment, days spent praying and believing everything will be all right.

Brinley has responded well to treatment. Her battle is far from over. The road to recovery is just beginning! Her future, her very life, remains at risk.

Please keep Brinley and the Pawluk family in your prayers.

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Ron and Angie Grisdale

Williams Lake