Brace for the silly season

Here we go again.

Here we go again.

It feels like it was just the other day when MP hopefuls began racing to the federal finish line, smiling for the cameras, and trying to convince the public that they are the ones with all of the answers — not those other guys or gals sitting over there.

The campaign signs will dot city yards and highways, sprouting like spring flowers (or weeds).

Some homeowners will even hammer up multiple signs, in order to overshadow the lonely competing sign in their neighbour’s yard.

Like it or not, it’s election time, a.k.a. the silly season.

Whether you welcome a potential change in government or would prefer it to stay as it is, the power is in your hands again.

Make sure you listen carefully to what the candidates have to say, because this is your opportunity to vote for what you want and let the powers that be know what you expect from them should they be the next Cariboo-Prince George representative.

So far, only incumbent Conservative MP Dick Harris and the Green party’s Heidi Redl have stepped into the election ring, though others are expected to make an appearance soon.

In order to have a true democracy, one must be involved in the election process.

Again, listen carefully to what is said and what is being debated. Attend the all-candidates forums that will likely be held, and vote for what you believe in, not for who your friend, brother, or neighbour is voting for.

Most of all, vote, vote, vote! There is no excuse not to, not even the “they’re-all-the-same” excuse.

See you at the polls May 2.