Arts support crucial to maintaining quality of life



An open letter to regional district directors, and the mayor and council of Williams Lake:

I am proud to live in an area where government has had the foresight to promote arts and culture by establishing an arts and culture function in their budget.

As you know, research indicates that the arts are important to draw and keep people in an area.

It is comforting to know that there are elected officials who value the importance of the arts in helping to provide a rich life for their constituents.

The foresight of our regional district directors in establishing an arts and culture function is an excellent example to other districts of the province.

I am a member of the Cariboo Art Society and along with others in our group who live in the areas surrounding Williams Lake, as well as in the downtown area, are thankful to be able to come from all areas of the Cariboo Regional District to meet regularly at the new Arts and Culture facility located in Williams Lake.

I also offer art classes to children and adults who live in various areas of the district.

The continued financial support of the arts is crucial to maintaining and encouraging a high quality of life in our area.

Kathryn Steen

Williams Lake