Appalling how Barnett blindly agrees

Richard Broomfield, in his letter to the editor, says he is dismayed that MLA Donna Barnett is blindly trusting what the government says.


Good day, Mrs. Donna Barnett:

Recently I was listening to Cariboo Radio and heard your comments concerning the privatization/sale of the Liquor Distribution warehouses.

I was totally dismayed that you would come out and say you have not seen the documents but “trust” that cabinet is doing it in the best interests of British Columbians.

As a taxpayer, I will let the history of this Liberal government speak for itself and do not “trust” a thing it says or does.

HST, B.C. Rail, Basi/Virk to the tune of $6 million of our tax dollars and the list goes on.

I find it appalling that our local Liberal representative can stand by and blindly and silently agree to everything the government says and does.

Does the word puppet mean anything to you? For you to come out and say you agree with the Liquor Distribution sale and not care enough to know that facts tells me you are just putting in time and don’t care, or the whole process is another very questionable and secret deal put together by this government. Why can it/you not show us some kind of business plan so we can judge for ourselves if this is in the taxpayers’ best interest?

There are way too many secret deals going on with this government at the expense of us taxpayers and I, for one, am very tired of it.

A very concerned taxpayer,

Richard Broomfield

Williams Lake