Anatomy of a Rose inspires thoughtful contemplation about life

Anatomy Of A Rose: Exploring The Secret Life Of Flowers; by Sharman A Russell.

Anatomy Of A Rose: Exploring The Secret Life Of Flowers; by Sharman A Russell.

This is the book for me, is a keeper that I read every five years or so.

Now that I think of it, I’ve never liked eating vegetables, none, but flowers, they are a different story for me.

“Secret” as the title suggests, meaning only if I am ignorant or pay little attention to the healing power of the Kingdom Of ……..Colour.

Flowers have relationships with insects, the weather, each other and me.

There is a poetic quality to flowers. One that makes me celebrate happy and sad occasions.

Whenever I drive past the Williams Lake Cemetery they are there as a reminder that all beautiful creations have their days in the sun.

Flowers and their relatives have an attitude — one that lets me know they are around, watching, listening, planning. Some inflict pain — just have an argument with Rosa Rugosa Hansa;  some are bandits, waiting under disguise — ask what a house fly thinks of the Venus Fly Trap; and some are there to face and follow the path of the sun – standing in a field of sunflowers gave me an insight into the gravitas of floral expressions!

Flowers are smart, they have coquettish moods, they bend in the wind towards the leeward side of islands and they save for a rainy day.  How you ask? Read the book and you will also find out about flower’s running commentary on the history of mankind.

My day for flowers belongs to St. Valentine.

May I suggest that as you read the book you might want to listen to ‘One Fine Thing” performed by Harry Connick Jr..

Michael Fait

Williams Lake