A strong message sent at meeting

Clearly there was a very strong message tonight (April 9) at city hall.


Clearly there was a very strong message tonight (April 9) at city hall.

Questions that come to mind:

What was the process of finding the agency leading the committee creating the proposed re-branding of Williams Lake — was it a public tender?

What about the role of our own development officer?

In the show of hands at tonight’s meeting there was approximately 92 to eight objecting to the product.

Ken Wilson presented online polls with the same percentage of objection.

It’s not only the ‘republic’ title that is so wrong — but the entire presentation.

Our label should be exciting — City of Opportunity and Adventure … Better quality of life … anything.

We understand the demographic that we want to attract.

We want to attract people who can work and have a good family life — not put play before work — who pays for that luxury?

Even the comment that ‘family is more important than work’ is totally unrealistic — without a job what quality of family life is there!

People work to raise their families.

Williams Lake affords ‘time for family’ — after town.

You work hard, Kerry — you know the reality.

The business person sitting next to us said our city should be labelled ‘The Reality of Life.’

Never mind all that nonsense talk about ‘cowtown, logging and crime’ — that was nothing but an insult to our city.

Dick and Donna Ford

Williams Lake