A one-way carnival cruise

Wasting lives/time marketing Canada’s fossil-fuel reserves globally?


Wasting lives/time marketing Canada’s fossil-fuel reserves globally? A one-way Canadian “carnival” cruise? Are you on board this Canadian “dream?” Canada’s fossil-fuel cruise will sink. You have no choice to sail?

Few politicians dare for effective climate action.  NDP, Liberals, Conservatives vie for power and control. They want Canadians kept in dream cruise. This election, fossil-fuel producers do not want you concerned about global warming. They need Canada’s fossil-fuels consumed globally. Effective climate action means zero expansion of carbon polluting production. Eighty per cent of known fossil-fuel reserves must stay in the ground.

Effective climate action based on science means no new pipelines, no expansion of tarsands, no fracking for unconventional oil or gas, no exploration, no new refineries, coal port expansion, new LNG plants, or a site “C” dam for energizing licensed LNG plants. Effective climate action may be political suicide, but perhaps not eco-cide.

You don’t know how to plan and start a low-carbon economy before 2020? Start learning now. You have 100 per cent certainty, global warming is happening now and is being encouraged over-all.

Time has run out to wait. Consider the future of your own community of loved ones, your soulmates, your wife, husband, parents, children, grandchildren, your friends, neighbours, your opposition. Shake this fossil-fuel dream now before 2015. Turn to your friends and loved ones for effective climate action beginning 2015.

You don’t dare? You won’t believe in hokey science? Check your facts and check your own baggage before this next election.

Global warming isn’t an election issue and expanding global marketing of Canadian fossil-fuels is. You still have now to learn to plan a low-carbon economy and to learn to start effective climate action by 2015. For the friends among us, for the love between us, thank you.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake