Trever Fisher

One year ago I lost my identity. Well not really, but it sure felt like it. I lost my big brother. For as long as I can remember I have always been introduced as “Tish, you know, Trever Fisher’s little sister”, and I hated it. Well I lost that last Valentines Day.

At the time I was too sad to speak at the funeral, but this is what I wish I would have said. I lost my best friend, my big brother, my hero, my tormentor, my saviour, and my teacher. I lost the one person who I trusted would always be there when I needed to be rescued.

I’m sure that half of the fears I have in life were caused by my brother. The first and only time I have ever tried Copenhagen was because of my brother. He told me that it tasted like candy. Well that’s a candy that I never want to taste again. The only time I have been on a motorbike was because of my brother. He drove us back and forth in front of the house and wouldn’t let me off. Now I know why I don’t care for motorbikes.

On my first day of high school I got a ride in a car with my brother and his friends. It made me feel so cool. My brother taught me so many things. Like how to drive a standard and how to do body work on a vehicle. The ways in which he shaped my life are far too numerous to mention. I hate that I never realized just how much he had influenced my life and just how much I looked up to him until he was gone.

I now fear the day that I meet someone who didn’t know my brother. Someone who never got to know what a great and loving person he truly was. For all the times I hated being introduced as his little sister, I would give anything for it to happen just one last time. My life will never be the same without my big brother. He will always be my hero.

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