Burned trees in the Cariboo Regional District. (Katya Slepian/Black Press)

Burned trees in the Cariboo Regional District. (Katya Slepian/Black Press)

Winds could cause fire growth in Cariboo

BC Wildfire Service remains on high alert

High temperatures and smoky conditions continue to plague Williams Lake, according to Mike McCulley of the BC Wildfire Service.

“It was a little bit tricky to fly our aircraft,” said McCulley, noting that they were able to get up into the air today. The smoke, although it harms visibility, keeps temperatures a few degrees cooler, he said.

“It’s pushing 30 degrees Celsius even under the smoke.”

McCulley said that the Cariboo saw some increased fire activity.

“There isn’t smoke on all the fires and anywhere you see sunshine hitting the ground, there’s increased fire behaviour,” said McCulley. “We’re going to get some wind. That is definitely going to cause our fires to grow.”

The low pressure system, which is moving in from the west, could bring in some rain, McCulley said, although he’s not sure how much it will help.

The wildfire service is keeping an eye on the large fires in the region and planning accordingly.

“If you’re right next to a large active wildfire, we don’t think it’s safe for you to be there,” said McCulley. “Everyone in these communities has seen what can happen when it’s dry and windy.”