Timber Kings series to shine spotlight on Williams Lake

It is no longer a secret that Pioneer Log Homes is going to be featured on television in a 10-episode series on HGTV Canada.

  • Dec. 23, 2013 4:00 p.m.

It is no longer a secret that Pioneer Log Homes is going to be featured on television in a 10-episode series on HGTV Canada.

Pioneer Log Homes general manager Andre Chevigny told city council Tuesday his company will be showcased in a docu-reality titled Timber Kings.

The show is great news for Williams Lake, Chevigny said.

“It’s great because it paints Williams Lake in an excellent light. It’s really highly regarded and it paints the six personalities at Pioneer Log Homes as real heroes in the international world.”

The company builds houses for people in destinations like England, Scotland, U.S., across Canada, Germany, all over the place.

Houses range from “huge” mansions to smaller buildings.

“We wanted the show to have variety of what we do, not just the big mansions that we have a niche for.”

The show will air in Canada first and although he couldn’t disclose exactly where, Chevigny said it will be aired in numerous other countries.

“That’s up to the broadcaster to announce that, which they will probably do after they start to air the show in Canada.”

Chevigny said he and his brother Bryan Reid Sr., founder and owner of the company, are proud of the show.

No matter where the Pioneer Log Home crew goes it receives the highest of respect, gets lots of attention and gains friends for life.

“This show really puts that in the light,” he said.

“The show has lots of humour in it. Our crews are always a little haywire when we’re out on the road and working at the sites.”

Chevigny encouraged locals to view the HGTV Canada website to watch previews of the show.

Coun. Sue Zacharias congratulated Chevigny and Reid, saying the announcement is something that makes her proud.

“You really have a lot to offer Williams Lake,” she said.

Chevigny told council the show’s producers sought the company out.

“In 2009, HGTV in the US did a series on Amazing Log Homes. They picked six in North America and six were log homes, so that really put us out on the forefront,” he said.

“Then in 2010, Pioneer Log Homes did two houses for Straight Makeover Home Edition and during that time HGTV Canada was working with us. My brother Bryan was a big part, that was kind of his mission for about six months to work with them.”

Chevigny said the series will shed some light on how the company operates.

“When they watch the show people will understand what we do.

Even my wife the other day watched a show with me and she said, ‘wow, even I’m learning more.’

It’s interesting and the guys really take their time to explains things. It’s really cool.”

Scenes will leap from the Sugar Cane or Soda Creek site over to Arkansas or Germany in the next scene.

“Williams Lake is a good community and it looks good on TV,” Reid added.