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Six properties at Green Acres Mobile Home Park under evacuation order by city of Williams Lake

The order comes following a geotechnical evaluation of an area of concern above the river valley

An evacuation order has been issued for six properties in Green Acres Mobile Home Park in Williams Lake due to land slippage in the area, note city officials.

The order is effective immediately (Wednesday, Sept. 29) for all occupants of those properties, and comes after a geotechnical evaluation of the area. The remainder of the Park remains on alert, and residents are cautioned to remain at least 15 metres away from the crest of the slope in the area under evacuation order.

On Sept. 28, 2021, the City of Williams Lake activated its Emergency Operations Centre at Level 2 in response to land slippage in the vicinity of Frizzi Road and North Mackenzie Avenue. The slide exposed a section of sanitary main and a manhole.

Affected residents should:

• Self-register for Evacuee Registration and Assistance at https://ess.gov.bc.ca/ or call the Emergency Support Services number at 250-267-4861

• Arrange a meeting place for themselves and their family

• Write down important numbers

• Pack a grab-and-go bag for one week including: clothes, medications, personal items, eyeglasses, credit

cards and cash, important documents including photo ID, insurance documents, keepsakes, pet supplies

(leashes, kennels, food), books and games and chargers for phones/electronics

• Make arrangements for pets and livestock. Pets cannot be le locked in house or yard

• Check on neighbours to ensure they are ready as well

• If evacuated, do not shut off natural gas.

To reach the Emergency Operations Centre, please call 250-392-2364 or 250-392-4321. Evacuees can contact Emegency Support Services at 250-267-4861.

The City of Williams Lake will continue to monitor the situation from its Emergency Operations Centre and will provide updates as they are available.

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