Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H: Meet the club members and projects for 62nd annual show and sale

Scarlett Johnston
Abraham Meier
Austin Van Beers
Gabrielle Meier
Heidi Van Beers
Ian Dohorty
Isaac Bedford
Jennifer Tritten
Jessica Tritten
Katelyn French
Kimberly French
Lana Van Beers
Lucia Johnston
Sadie Massey
Sarah Shoults
Jessabelle Trelenberg

Sadie Massey

Hi. My name is Sadie Massey. I’m 11 years old and I’m in the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club.

This is my second year in photography. I live in an RV with my family. My camera is a Olympus E520, and I like to take pictures of water.

Jessabelle Trelenberg

Hello prospective buyers.

My name is Jessabelle Trelenberg. I am 12 years old and this is my third year in 4-H. I am a member of the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H club and my project of choice this year is swine. My animal is a Berkshire/Landrace/Duroc/Yorkshire cross barrow that I call Pig. He was born on March 9, 2020 at Colour V Ranch in the Rose Lake/Miocene area. When I got him on April 18, 2020 he was approximately 50 pounds and I estimate that he will finish off just over 200 pounds by sale time. He is stubborn but still gentle and fun to be around. I brush and oil him every day to keep his skin healthy and as clean as possible.

My lot number is 174. You can see my pig on Monday, Aug. 10 from noon to 6:30 p.m. The sale will be at 6:30 p.m. that night.

Abraham Meier

Hi everyone. My name is Abraham Meier. I am now 16 years old this is my second year as a proud member of the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club. This year I have one market steer. His mother was a limousine cow, and his father was a big black Angus bull. He was born on our family ranch and raised with the herd. In fall, when I picked him, I gave him the name of Black Powder, and started his 4-H career. We are lot number 169. Unfortunately, we will not have a live show this year but we will have an online sale, which I invite you to watch and maybe bid! Thank you.

Gabrielle Meier

Hi. My name is Gabrielle Meier, (lot# 170). I am 14 and this is my second year as a proud member of the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club! I am writing this letter to invite you to our online sale.

I am homeschooled which allows me to work and spend a lot of time with my steer Buddy. He was born on our ranch on April 9th, 2019 and was raised with the rest of the herd! His dam is one of our best cows, a Limousine cow. His father was one of our great black Angus bulls! I first chose him because he was square, had a really nice dam (square, big), and had a great conformation. When I got him last December, he was a little crazy and liked to act like a limousine cow but as we worked together, he learned to listen to me and trust me. Ever since then, I have taken good care of him and fed him good grain, so he would be able to offer you the best meat quality. I started feeding him good hay, alfalfa pellets and barley, then I tried different feed as he wasn’t eating much grain. Finally, when the winter came and the weather started to be colder, he decided to eat and since then he is on Altwasser grain and alfalfa hay!

Now he looks great and I am proud of what he taught me, what I learned and what we accomplished together this year! Even though there wasn’t a lot of shows because of the Covid situation, we entered an online show and we finished reserve champion in the AOB class (all other breeds).

Now that you know a little about me, I would like to invite you to our online sale that will be held on Aug. 10 at the Williams Lake stockyards. Even though there is no show this year, I worked as hard as I could to make sure that my steer would be well finished and would have a great meat quality to offer you at the sale! So, please come and bid on my steer at the sale! Thank you for all your support!

Sarah Shoults

My name is Sarah Shoults. My lot number is 173. This is my second year as a junior member of the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club. It has been weird to not have our regular meetings and fundraisers.

This year I have raised a Suffolk lamb. She came from a breeder near Prince George. I chose her because she is deep and has a large twist and leg. Her name is Devin. She will weigh approximately 120 pounds by the sale. She is usually easy to lead and she likes her friends.

She will be sold at the Williams Lake 4-H District Sale. This year I will not be able to attend the sale but I will be watching it at home and look forward to a good sale.

Scarlett Johnston

Hi! My name is Scarlett Johnston. This is my fifth year in 4-H. I am from the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club and my projects this year are steer, heifer and cow calf. My steer’s name is London, and he is very long, deep, and wide. My steer is a Speckle Park Angus cross. Speckle Parks are known for their great marbling. This year the 4-H sale will be virtual and live. I invite you to come check it out, hope to see you there!

Lucia Johnston

Howdy there folks. My name is Lucia Johnston, I’m 15 years old and this is my sixth year being part of the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club.

I am doing a handsome Black Angus steer from my family ranch this year and I am very impressed with his overall coverage and sturdy topline. My steer Gaston is a sweet boy who weighed 880 pounds at weigh in, in early March. Gaston I’m guessing is around 1,300-1,400 pounds and is fine boned with plenty of meat. Two years ago I received top carcass with my Black Angus/Speckle Park steer from my family ranch.

Now I haven’t done just steer but three female projects as well. My heifer “Lady” which is a Speckle Park, came from my Grandparents’. I have a Black Angus Cow/Calf pair which is Foxy and Black Cherry. My mature Speckle Park cow Clover won Supreme Female a few years ago and she has a beautiful Speckle Park heifer Calf Amora.

This year due to COVID regulations we will be having a live sale online though there are seats available at stockyards where the sale will take place. There will also be a day for you to be able to view the sale animals, so look for Gaston and I at lot #164.

Thanks so much for your support.

Jessica Tritten

Hey, my name is Jessica Tritten. I am 15 years old and this is my ninth year in the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club. This year, my projects are Swine and Horse.

My pig’s name is Finn. He is a Hereford/Berkshire/Tamworth cross that is mostly red in colour with a white belly, legs, and face. Finn is long, very wide, and has lots of depth. Finn enjoys exploring our yard while exercising. I am estimating that Finn will grow to be around 290 pounds by the sale day.

My horse’s name is Rosie. She is a 14-year-old Standardbred mare. Rosie is a dark bay. I have enjoyed working with her this year and we learned a lot together.

I would like to invite you to this year’s Williams Lake 4-H live/online sale at the Williams Lake Stockyards.Our Lot Number is 176. Thank you for coming to the sale.

Jennifer Tritten

Hi. My name is Jennifer Tritten, I am 17 years old, and have been part of the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club for nine years. My project this year is Swine.

This year I got my pig, named Violet, at a farm in Salmon Arm. Violet is a colourful Hereford/Yorkshire/Tamworth cross. She has a strikingly beautiful colour pattern of intense red with white trim. Along with an attractive appearance, Violet conforms well to market conformations since she is very long, has depth and width. As a typical pig, Violet enjoys playing in the mud and many pets and scratches. I am predicting her to be around 280 pounds by sale night.

Our lot number is 175. She looks forward to seeing you there! Thank you for coming!

Lauren Bedford

Hello! My name is Lauren Bedford (Lot #151). I am 18 and have been involved in 4-H with the Rose Lake/Miocene Club for five years. In the past I have done beef and poultry projects but as this is my last year in 4-H, I chose to continue in photography. I really enjoy being in the action while capturing history, wildlife, and ranching, in pictures and have learned so much from my leader and peers. My sale picture is yet to be determined but will be sold on Monday, Aug. 10..

As a senior 4-H member, I just wanted to thank the community for the support shown during COVID and look forward to the new Show and Sale!

Isaac Bedford

My name is Isaac Bedford and this is my fifth year in 4-H at The Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club. So far, I have done Poultry, and Beef so this year I decided to do something a little different! A pig! This year my pig’s name is Houdini. He is an escape artist. Houdini has been a pleasure to raise, he is calm and very easy to get to enjoy.

Thank you for your interest in my ruggedly handsome project! My lot number is 150.

Kimberly French

My name is Kimberly French and I am a member of the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club. I am a senior member and in my ninth year of 4-H. This year, my projects are swine and horse. My pig’s name is Smudge and he is a Berkshire/Landrace/Duroc/Yorkshire cross. I purchased him from Colour V Ranch in April. He was born on March 9 and weighed about 30 pounds when I brought him home. He has enjoyed rolling around in the mud and running around his pen, and as of July 1, he weighs 140 pounds.

My horse project is an Arabian mare named Cara. She is a dark bay and performs phenomenally in the arena. I’ve had to teach her some new things for the pattern, and despite being 18 years old, she is a very quick learner. We are sad that there will be no Show and Sale, but are excited to ride at our club achievement day! Cara is not for sale.

Even though there will not be a Show and Sale this year, buyers are welcome to participate in an online action on Aug. 10.

Happy bidding!

Katelyn French

Hi. My name is Katelyn French. I am 13 years old and this is my seventh year in 4-H, third as a junior.

I am in the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club and my projects are market lamb and horse. My lamb is a Dorset cross Suffox and his name is Phoenix. He is around 118 pounds and will probably be around 130 pounds by sale time. He has an excellent frame and has filled out quite nicely!

My horse project is a Quarter horse cross Morgan gelding named Hawk. Hawks color is a bay. Even though he gets quite impatient in shows he preforms well and in the past has won grand champion equitation. He is very calm on trails and loves being ridden. I am excited to ride Hawk at our club achievement day! Hawk is not for sale!

My lot number is 160.

Austin Van Beers

My name is Austin Van Beers, lot #177, and I am a member of the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club. My project this year is Turkey, and I will be selling my Tom, who I named “Phil.” Phil is an Orlop Bronze Turkey, and he is going to taste so good! He has a big chest, and well developed drumsticks. Yum, yum! Thank you!

Lana Van Beers

Hello! My name is Lana Van Beers, lot #179. I am a member in the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club. This is my fourth year raising a 4-H market lamb, and I will be selling him at the 4-H annual Sale, happening August 10th! My lambs name is Pippin, his birthdate is February 3, 2020. His breed is Suffolk/Dorset, which gives him a deep, broad body, and well developed hindquarters. I purchased him from Roma Tingle in Prince George, when he only weighed 45 lbs! I estimate he will have a finished weight of 120-125 lbs by the sale. Thank you for your support!

Heidi Van Beers

Hi! My name is Heidi Van Beers, lot #178, with the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club. This is my seventh year in 4-H, and the projects I am in this year are Market Steer, Cow/Calf, and Rabbit. My steer’s name is Thor. He is a purebred Black Angus, and is very long, deep and wide. His birthday is Feb. 9, 2019. I got him from the Historical Rose Ranch, when he only weighed 630 pounds! I estimate Thor will weigh around 1,400 pounds at the sale in August. I have really enjoyed raising him. He has a very calm personality; he’s like a big teddy bear! I invite you to come out to the sale, on Aug. 10, 2020. An online and live auction will take place. I’ll be selling my steer through the auction, and I hope to see you there!

Ian Doherty

Hi, my name is Ian Doherty. I have been with the Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H club for 13 years now making this my last year. I have done sheep for as long as I have been in the club. This year I am doing a market lamb and an ewe with lambs. My market lamb is a Suffolk cross Texel cross Charolais and his name is Geralt. He grew very fast since he was born and now, I have weaned him from his mom in June. Now he is on grain and pasture. When I last weighted him in June, he was 70 pounds and by show and sale he should be around 110 pounds. He has been an easy lamb to work with and I’m looking forward to showing him at our club’s achievement day. My project will be sold in an online sale, by the 4-H district.

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