Dawson Road Maintenance crews have been working on road base failures on Highway 20. (Dawson Road Maintenance Facebook photo)

Dawson Road Maintenance crews have been working on road base failures on Highway 20. (Dawson Road Maintenance Facebook photo)

ROAD REPORT: Dawson Road Maintenance provides update on Cariboo Chilcotin road conditions

Road bases still soft, saturated at multiple locations in Cariboo Chilcotin due to spring freshet

Work to repair roads battered by spring freshet continues in the Cariboo Chilcotin.

David Rhodes, Dawson Road Maintenance quality manager for the Cariboo, said crews are working hard to address conditions throughout the region.

“It’s a busy time of year,” Rhodes said Thursday morning, April 22.

Rhodes noted road bases are still soft and saturated at multiple locations in the Cariboo Chilcotin as a result of the spring break up and the ongoing warming trend.

“We are monitoring local roads, assessing each site and initiating repairs as conditions allow.”

The following conditions are current as of Thursday morning, April 22;

Williams Lake

Highway 20 bump – temporary repair, bump ground down last Friday.

Highway 97 at Enterprise Road – continuing repairs to roadway base, signed.

De Sous Road – water still high, road is passable.

Settler Road – planned repairs to roadway base, still soft.

Mallard Road – main repairs completed, minor to, then calcium treatment.

Monitoring: Anderson Road, Commodore/Richland Drive, Chimney Lake Road, Chimney Lake Road South and Knife Creek Road.


Horsefly Lake Rd 4 km- rig mats removed Wednesday, still single lane, hoping to restore two lanes this week.

Mile 108 – Horsefly Rd – front section opened. Rig mats removed from Horsefly Lake Road installed 500 meters south of Bells lake Rd.

Mile 108-Horsefly Rd – closed at 12 km, detour through Spokin Lake Rd.

Bells Lake Horsefly Rd junction – high water overflow down ditches, cross culverts at 100 per cent flow.

Horsefly Quesnel Lake Road – still soft and muddy, rig matts installed on worst section, daily monitoring.

Bunting Lake Rd – Rig matts installed as temp fix to provide egress, culverts flowing high.

Valley Rd – Fix is working well.

Beaver Valley Rd – planned start grading this week.

Antoine Lake Rd – muddy, signed for local traffic only.

Monitoring and assessing: Spokin Lake Road, Mile 108 Rd at Lowden Road, Little Horsefly Lake Rd, Starlike Lake Rd, and Lemon Lake Road


Big Lake/Tyee – Rig mats in place to facilitate travel and further repairs will commence as conditions allow.

Overton Rd – Placed several loads Wednesday, still soft, ongoing monitoring.

Alpha Rd – Places several loads today, still soft, ongoing monitoring.

Beaver Valley Rd Choate Creek – clean out culverts, flow has improved in high water, monitoring.

Monitoring and assessing: Keithley Creek Road, Rosetta Lake, and Parker Road

Alexis Creek

Hwy 20 at Revenge Hill and Chilko Newton at Siwash Bridge – Assessment underway.

Taseko Road – Ongoing repairs.

Siwash – geotechnical engineering assessment and prescription in process.

Zenzaco Creek culvert – contractor clean out as possible

Big Creek Rd 22 km – New culvert and gravel, road reopened.

Monitoring Cotton Road

Tatla Lake

Highway 20 sealcoat base failures – working on last really bad section near Minor Lake.

Anahim Lake

Highway 20 base failures – more sections destabilizing as frost and high water table effects.

Christiansen Rd – rig mats installed, still wet underneath, beginning grader touch ups.

Monitoring and Assessing – Dorsey Lake Rd, Lehman Rd, Morrison Meadow Rd, Nimpo Creek Rd, Nimpo Lake North Rd, and Nimpo Lake South Rd.

“Thank you for your support and understanding as our crews continue working through the conditions,” Rhodes noted.

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