Richard Vollo

Richard Vollo

Richard Vollo runs for seat on next city council

Richard Vollo is running for council.

Richard Vollo is running for council.

This year is Vollo’s third attempt at earning a council seat. His first was in 2002 and then again in 2005.

He’s confident in this year’s campaign as he says he’s now better known in the community.

Vollo, a paramedic and regional vice-president of CUPE local 873, has lived in Williams Lake since 2001.

He says he would like to see the City create better short- and long-term goals.

“Without that it’s hard to make progress,” he says.

Vollo sees the Stampede as one of Williams Lake’s greatest existing assets.

He thinks with the right marketing, infrastructure improvements and some television coverage, the Stampede could be an economic driver much as it is for Calgary.

Vollo thinks the City should be cautious moving into the next three years as the provincial government may be looking to download costs onto municipalities.

Agriculture, he says, is an ignored industry. Vollo says the City should look at ways to improve production in the area with an eye to the global future of food and potential shortages of arable land in growing countries like China.

“How can we adapt our agriculture industry here and fit in?” he asks.

Vollo would like to see “more vigorous” debate on council with less reliance on City administrators for their input and information during council discussion.

He further promotes the 10 per cent shift where residents make 10 per cent of their monthly purchases from local businesses.

“That’s just another way to support your own local economy and own community,” he said.

Vollo says in the mayor’s race he supports progressive ideas and the active promotion of the City of Williams Lake.