RCMP investigate forestry bridge fire in Chilcotin

Alexis Creek RCMP and the North District Regional General Investigation Section a investigating a forestry bridge fire near Alexis Creek.

The Alexis Creek RCMP and the North District Regional General Investigation Section are currently investigating a bridge fire at the 900 Logging Road near Alexis Creek.

Last Thursday, Oct. 17, RCMP were advised of the fire on the bridge that meets at the junction of the Taseko Lake Road and Yunesit’in (Stone) Reserve, said Sgt. Mike Hacker of the Alexis Creek detachment Monday.

The fire occurred around 7 p.m., he added.

Officers are attempting to determine the cause of the fire and while the bridge remains intact, traffic is unable to cross the bridge at this time.

“The main damage was primarily from heat,” Hacker said.  “Any logging companies and motoring public are asked to remain clear of the area while the investigation continues.”

Thursday’s bridge vandalism comes in the same month where a break-and-enter at the Ministry of Forests compound on Stum Lake Road resulted in the theft of three ATVs, three pickup trucks and some power tools.

The break-and-enter occurred on Oct. 3.

So far most of the power tools and two of the ATVs have been recovered.

“Two of the pickups were green and one was white,” Hacker said.

There are no suspects identified with the break-and-enter, however Hacker said the same people in Alexis Creek who are responsible for a good percentage of the thefts and property offences are the same individuals responsible for a good percentage of theft and property offences in Williams Lake.

“We continue to look at enforcement efforts to put these folks before the courts,” Hacker said. “It’s a challenging environment. Most of these guys are identified prolific offenders who go out and commit four or five offences a night.”

Increased theft drives up the cost of insurance for everyone, he added.