Owners of the property at 1148 Broadway Ave. South and the lot directly behind it have asked the city to make zoning amendments so they can develop a new electronics store.

Owners of the property at 1148 Broadway Ave. South and the lot directly behind it have asked the city to make zoning amendments so they can develop a new electronics store.

Public encouraged to view three property proposals

City council is hoping the public will weigh in on three property proposals its considering.

While summer may be fast approaching, things are not slowing down at city hall.

At Tuesday’s regular meeting three property files were on the agenda and acting mayor Ivan Bonnell said he hopes the public will weigh in on them.

The first hovers around a development variance permit from Westridge Ventures Ltd. for an empty parcel of land located at 199 Eagle Crescent.

Proponents are asking that the Single Family Residential (R-) Zone Front Lot Line Setback for principal buildings be reduced from 5.5 metres to two metres, while there’s a minor request for garage or accessory building setbacks to be reduced from 5.5 metres to 5.15 meters.

Under Single Family Residential 2 (R-1) Zone Front Lot Line Setback, the proponent is asking for it to be reduced from 6.1 metres to two metres for the principal building.

City planning technician Chris Hutton reported there could be up to 34 lots developed on the parcel, if approved.

The applicant is requesting the reductions to accommodate the city’s slope requirements and still provide yard space, Hutton said.

“The applicant also indicates that this setback will provide a great buffer and privacy from neighbouring parcels backing onto these homes.”

A similar application was made in 2011 to address issues relating to slope on Foster Way.

That application was eventually successful, but not before a number of issues were worked out to ensure good neighbourhood design and streetscaping.

Staff will be alerting surrounding property owners and tenants within a 100-metre radius of the subject property and any comments or recommendations will be brought back to council for further consideration at the July 2 regular meeting.

“We recognize the dates are quick here, but people need to be aware of that it will all unfold over the next 30 days,” Bonnell said.

A development permit, official community plan and zoning amendment have been requested for a proposed new electronics business offering retail and installation and repair of home and car equipment and appliances to be located in the 1100 block of Broadway Avenue South.

Blanleil Cranbrook Holdings Ltd. of Kelowna and Victor and Lyda Sharman of 150 Mile House are asking the city to allow them to use 1148 Broadway Ave. South and the property behind it at 1137 Lakeview Crescent to develop the electronics business and an accessory residential use above.

They are also requesting that the property at 1148 Broadway Ave. South be changed from Commercial Highway to Mixed-Use and the lot at 1137 Lakeview Crescent be changed from Single Family Residential to service commercial.

Both of those changes would also require approval from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

A public consultation meeting about the project will be held Monday June 26 at 7 p.m. in the Rick Hansen Boardroom of city hall. Again staff will notify all property owners and tenants within a 100 metre radius.

The third and final property request centres on a one-acre property located at 907 Proctor Street, east of Highway 97.

Shirley Cameron requested that the official community plan and zoning bylaw be changed from Mixed-Use to Residential Single Family and rezoned from service commercial zone to single family residential zone.

In her application Cameron noted the property has always been used as residential and that she wanted it to be legally designated as such.

Originally staff had recommended council reject the request, but council voted against the recommendation and passed a motion that Cameron’s request be considered.

“This property was brought into the city a number of years ago and for years has been sitting vacant,” Coun. Surinderpal Rathor said. “I think the time has come for the council and community to move forward and get the area developed.”

Bonnell recalled that when all of the outlying areas were brought into the city limits the properties were blended in with the official community plan of the day.

“It was determined that this property should be zoned as mixed use and our recent official community plan process in 2010 reaffirmed that, but the timeline has been 30 years and there’s been no change on this property,” Bonnell said, adding if there was a demand for it commercially it would have happened within that timeframe.

Coun. Danica Hughes excused herself from the discussion about 907 Proctor St., declaring a conflict of interest. Her family owns property nearby.