Protest at City Hall

Protest at City Hall

Women protest city hall's association with Celebration of Life this week.

Carrie Julius believes city council had no business wading into the pro-life/pro-choice debate when it proclaimed this week as Celebrate Life Week in the lakecity.

Now Julius and others say they are planning to protest at city hall every day this week in hopes of getting councillors to rescind the controversial proclamation.

“Why is the city endorsing this,” Julius questioned while protesting Monday.

“It just doesn’t seem right. It divides a community, so why are we doing it?”

Mayor Kerry Cook said she agrees the proclamation “certainly doesn’t fit within our local government mandate,” however said she felt the proclamation was carefully worded to be respectful.

“The intent certainly wasn’t to offend anyone,” Cook said, adding she has been in correspondence with Julius and is willing to meet with her in person regarding her concerns.