Power outage planned for Fox Mountain

Power outage planned for Monday, Feb. 1 as BC Hydro makes some changes to accommodate Highway 97 upgrades near Fox Mountain.

A power outage is planned in the Fox Mountain area on Monday, Feb. 1 as BC Hydro makes some changes to accommodate Highway 97 upgrades from Carson Drive to Fox Mountain Road.

The outage will impact areas east of Toop Road, Curtis Place and Sunset Drive, and east from these roads.

“We are having to relocate and do some system upgrades to make the new highway improvement project possible,” said BC Hydro’s Dave Mosure, noting the power outage will be weather-permitting with -5 C being the cutoff. “We don’t want to put people in the dark in overly cold weather.”

The outage will take place from 9 a.m. to approximately 3 p.m.

Customers are encouraged to turn off all appliances and electronics — especially portable electric heaters —  during an outage.

When power is restored, customers are asked to wait approximately one hour before multiple appliances are used to allow the system time to stabilize.

For information during the outage, customers can contact BC Hydro at 1-888- POWERON or 1-888-769 3766.

More planned power outages in this area will take place through to summer 2016.

When asked for an update from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on the project in December, a ministry spokesperson confirmed in an e-mail that property negotiations are underway and this process typically takes time.

“The ministry will continue to update the community and inform the public through the process,” the spokesperson said.

On the ministry website it notes the design is complete and a tender package is being finalized.