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PODCAST: Lindsay Dixon explains New extended prescribing powers for BC Pharmacists

TODAY IN B.C.: Pharmacists can help with birth control, minor illnesses, ailments and more

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“It used to be that you would walk into your pharmacy and you would grab some toothpaste and get your medication and leave. But now I think that over the next few years, we’re going to see pharmacies change into essentially health hubs,” says Lindsey Dixon, a BC pharmacist specializing in healthcare education.

Dixon joins host Peter McCully to discuss the new extended prescribing powers for pharmacists and the transformation of pharmacies into health hubs.

Lindsey, a registered pharmacist with over 10 years of experience, explained that pharmacies are evolving to become places where individuals can access healthcare and sit down with a pharmacist for assessments.

“The shift toward an appointment-based system will revolutionize the way pharmacies function. It’s not just about dispensing medications anymore; pharmacies are becoming key players in providing healthcare.”

These extended powers aim to ease the load on the healthcare system, particularly for individuals without a family doctor. Pharmacies are more accessible than many medical clinics and doctor’s offices, with longer hours and multiple locations.

Lindsey stressed that pharmacists’ ability to provide immediate healthcare and assessments is a significant advantage. With the new prescribing powers, pharmacists can help patients by renewing prescriptions for chronic conditions, altering medications to address side effects, administering various injections, and even prescribing birth control.

The expanded role of pharmacists in healthcare marks a positive change for both patients and pharmacists. Lindsay expressed satisfaction in being able to use more of her training and knowledge to help patients. She discussed her YouTube channel, which provides evidence-based health information to the public. Through interviews with experts and informative videos, Lindsay aims to make healthcare more accessible and empower individuals with knowledge.

“Pharmacies are no longer just places to pick up medication. They are evolving into centers where individuals can receive comprehensive healthcare, medication reviews, assessments, and advice on managing minor ailments. The future of pharmacies as health hubs is promising, as they bridge the gap in accessible healthcare and provide valuable services to their communities.”

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