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PODCAST: Bright Ideas Improve your living space with light and sound

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Do you know how many watts it takes to light up your room to help keep your family safe?

Jordanna Nelson of Robinson Lighting and Bath and Mike Freedman of AI technology & Design have some bright ideas and sound advice.

‘As you age, the lighting requirements are actually twice as much as when you’re in your twenties,’ says Nelson.

From better sleeps to feeling better about yourself, listen in as co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee discover how light and sound impact the people in our homes.

‘When you renovate or build new, you’re already tearing up the walls for framing. Create a reflected ceiling plan, which is essentially a light plan for a home, to accommodate for task lighting, ambient lighting, and additional lighting that might be required down the road and avoid the electrician and the speaker guys standing in the living room, having a fight over which junction’s going to go on that beam,’ says Freedman.

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