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Pay early, save money on water and sewer bills with Cariboo Regional District

Payments received before May 31 will receive a 10 per cent prompt payment discount
If you pay early, you get a discount on your Cariboo Regional District water and sewer bill. (File photo)

Early payment has benefits for Cariboo Regional District (CRD) utility systems.

Utility bills and notices are arriving soon for properties on a Regional District water or sewer system, and residents could see significant savings with early payments. Utility bills are being delivered to residents in the coming weeks, and any payments received before May 31 will receive a 10 per cent prompt payment discount.

Utility rates for the CRD’s 11 water and sewer systems were updated by the board at its March 24 meeting to ensure there are enough funds to support operating and maintenance costs for each system. Each utility system is financed by a mix of user fees and property taxes, which ensures that property owners who have the benefit of connecting to the system contribute to the system, while those who use a system are the primary funders of it.

Individual system fees for a typical house are increasing as follows:

103 Mile Water: $355 ($32 increase)

108 Mile Water: $295 ($11 increase)

Alexis Creek Water: $506 ($6 increase)

Alexis Creek Sewer: $138 ($8 increase)

Benjamin Water: $362 ($12 increase)

Canim Lake Water: $663 (No change)

Gateway Water: $494 ($17 increase)

Forest Grove Water: $351 ($42 increase)

Horse Lake Water: $272 ($9 increase)

Lac La Hache Water: $250 ($45 increase)

Lac La Hache Sewer: $220 ($17 increase)

Lexington Water: $980 (No change)

Pine Valley Sewer: $561 ($27 increase)

Red Bluff Sewer: $279 ($8 increase)

Russet Bluff Water: $452 ($22 increase)

Wildwood Sewer: $234 ($14 increase)

User fees represent between 50-100 per cent of each system’s funding requirements, and are critical to any future maintenance and renewal plans, with the remainder largely generated through property taxes within each service area. Funds raised for each system can only be used for that system to finance its continued operation, maintenance, and improvements.

More information about your utility bill is available online BY CLICKING HERE