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Parking curtailed on Western and 11th avenues

New no-parking signs will be going up on 11th Avenue and on Western Avenue and side streets around Thompson Rivers University.
Carter Rust shovels a driveway off 11th Avenue for a family friend while home for the holidays. Rust grew up in Williams Lake but currently lives in Fort McMurray where he is training to become an electrician.

Signs marking new parking restrictions on Western Avenue and side streets around Thompson Rivers University as well as on 11th Avenue will be posted in the new year.

The restrictions will be in the following areas reports the city.

• No Parking signs will be installed from Blair Street to Midnight Avenue for the entire area on the TRU side of Western Ave.

This would address the current safety issues for vehicles pulling out of TRU onto Western as no vehicles would be parked on that side of the street allowing greater visibility.

• There will be a “Resident Only” parking system for the six residences across from TRU, where residents are given tags to be left on their dashboard to allow only those vehicles belonging to the residents to park in this area.

• Street parking will be allowed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from the corner of Comer Park extending towards Columneetza on the park side of the street.

This would allow some on-street parking, roughly 30 spots for students during the day.

• The end of this area on Western Avenue approaching Lake City Secondary Columneetza Campus from TRU will be restricted to only 15 minute stopping to allow parents to pick up/drop off their children at Columneetza. This area would extend to opposite the fourth residence in from Latin Street.

• To ensure school buses the room to turn into the Columneetza school bus pickup area, the no stopping area will extend from past Latin Street to in front of these first four residences on Western from Latin.

• The remaining area in front of the residences on Western continuing to Blair will be “Residential Parking” Only.

• Blair Avenue on the lower end towards Western will have no parking on both sides of the street (one side is already No Parking).

This street is very narrow and with vehicles parked on either side, school buses can barely get by.

• Latin and Beauchamp will be “Residential Parking Only” zones.

• Parking restrictions in the downtown core area will remain unchanged. Parking is prohibited between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m., Sunday to Thursday.